You have chosen your dream home and it is now our job to make sure it arrives safely and is set to the highest standards of quality. This page is designed to show you how our process works from the moment we are contacted about your job all the way to the end. We make sure to keep in touch with you throughout the entire process and our job is not complete until you are satisfied.


Nash Construction - Process- Site Check









Site Check

• Used to inspect the property to assess what work may need to be done by the customer and/or Nash Construction.
• Used to inspect the route to the property to ensure the safe delivery of the home.
• Used to mark the location of where the home will be placed.


Nash Construction - Process - Foundation









Foundation/Drainage Pad

• If drainage pad is needed one will be provided using quality select dirt or crushed rock.
• Concrete will be poured to the exact  specifications set forth by the manufacturer or engineering firm.


Nash Construction - Process - Delivery










• Our main office will contact the customer  at least 24hrs prior to delivery.
• We encourage every customer to be present during the delivery of the home but it is not required unless previously discussed.
• Our company owns and operates a remote trax® vehicle which can be used to move the home around tight corners where a truck would normally be unfit.
• Our crews are also available if needed to help bridge any ditches, mat across wet ground or stop traffic.


Nash Construction - Process - Field Set









Field Set

• The home is typically set the next day following the delivery of the home.
• Our crews are properly equipped to handle many different types of field sets, from pit sets, to ground, to sets on concrete piers.
• Our crews always follow the proper block, level and anchoring procedures outlined by the manufacture’s installation manual.
• Our crews are given paperwork at the time of set up and are instructed to receive a sign-off from the customer if they are available. Any questions or concerns can be addressed to our office.


Nash Construction - Process - The Completed Job









Quality Assurance and Completion

•   If your home is set by us on a Nash foundation, we offer a full 1-year warranty.

You can be assured that choosing Nash Construction for delivery and setup of your home or modular building is the right decision. We pride ourselves on giving our customers nothing but the highest level of integrity in every aspect of the process. From beginning to end, you can rest easy with Nash.